05 January 2014

Web design trends - 2014

December and January is always a good time to look ahead to see what this new year might bring to us.  There were quite a number of developments in 2013 of which many will stay with us in 2014.

So while 2014 has just started, let's look ahead and see what kind of web design trends we can look for and be inspired by in 2014.

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29 December 2013

IT Outsourcing News Alert for November - December, 2013

Summary: it seems that everybody want to make a prediction for 2014. Beyond that, it is still cloud computing and Big Data dominating news during the last two months of 2013. It is also time to look at trends that will shape online marketing in 2014 and the EU has been tackling cloud computing issues.

European SMEs failing new cloud workers, study shows
European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not taking full advantage of cloud computing
Well publicized offshore outsourcing challenges, a narrowing labor-cost gap, and political considerations have some aggressively promoting onshoring. But they're missing the point.
Looking for a way to benchmark your cloud computing knowledge and skills? Want an extra edge when looking for that cloud computing job? Get cloud computing certified.

08 December 2013

How to create a sustainable social media strategy for your startup

If you’re running a startup, working for one, or just considering turning an idea into a company, calling your work life “busy” is a severe understatement. Along with building a product and a company, you need to build social momentum and buzz. Even a side project or personal branding ventures can resemble a full time job.

Here are five essential, efficient ways to eliminate guesswork and make your startup a success on social media. Each concept features examples of startups (some now fully grown and exited companies) that made these strategies work for them.

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A comprehensive guide to testing your Web app: How to get the most out of your sessions

We’re now living in a time where users expect as much functionality, reliability and flexibility from Web apps as desktop programs. All our data is slowly but surely moving into the cloud, and businesses are looking to the Web for software to easily implement and deploy across the board – whether it’s accounting, CRM or inventory management. That puts a lot of pressure on developers to deliver rock-solid Web apps that users can genuinely depend on for work and play.

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How much does it cost to build the world’s hottest startups?

Could $100,000 and the right developer skills make you an overnight billionaire? How much does it really take to build a product like Twitter or Instagram? With mobile development agencies and product incubators on the rise and more corporate “labs” spinning out each day, there’s no shortage of talent to help you build the next great Web or mobile app.

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