24 February 2011

CEBIT 2011 launches new growth strategy

CEBIT - Europe's largest technology trade fair, has struggled with falling numbers over recent years.

Now a strategic revamp has seen the list of exhibitors grow for the first time since 2006. Has CeBIT turned the corner?

Cloud computing will be one of the major topics this year.

In the past, CeBIT suffered a kind of an identity crisis as it tried to manage the needs of consumers and professionals at the same time.

This year, in a bid to improve the fair's structure, organizers have clearly divided the event into four platforms, each with a different target group.

The "CeBIT pro" targets corporate IT decision-makers, while "CeBIT live" caters to private consumers. "CeBIT gov" focuses on technology in the public sector. "CeBIT lab" serves as a cluster for scientists and university research groups.

Is CEBIT any good to be present at if you are an offshore/nearshore software developer. Opinios differ. However, if you set your goals and expectations right, CEBIT offers many opportunities.