02 July 2012

Outsourcing News Alert for May - June, 2012

Philippines software outsourcing increases
The software services outsourcing industry in the Philippines recorded positive growth - Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA)
The Philippines is now considered as one of the five “mature locations” for software services in the world. This was revealed by Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA)

Outsourcing contracts typically include termination and transition assistance provisions that outline the IT service provider's responsibilities regarding returning data. IT buyers are surprised to find out that their cloud computing contracts contain no such provisions.
5 Outsourcing Trends to Watch
April 24 to 26 was Infosecurity Europe (InfoSec) at Earl’s Court, the biggest such trade show in Europe.
Even though business process outsourcing (BPO) continues to grow at a steady clip, with most analysts projecting continued low double-digit growth, some outsourcing initiatives have been unable to garner the necessary support and momentum because of prior, painful outsourcing experiences of CFOs and other key executives.
The Philippines, which is already giving competition in voice-based services to the leading offshoring destinations in Asia, is now eyeing to further up the ante. The country continues to see robust growth in its voice segment and credible activity in non-voice services.
Companies are running out of jobs that can be moved abroad.
India and a number of other developing countries have benefited greatly from the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Western companies are outsourcing various non-core tasks, from IT work to call-centre operations, to these nations where labour costs are low but the needed skills are not. As Africa awakens from economic slumber, can the continent position itself as an outsourcing destination?
IT outsourcing has always been a double-edged sword for CIOs. What starts out as a cure for IT's ills always seems to cause more headaches down the road.
Even if your cloud provider is at fault should your company fall out of compliance, the law will come after you.
The adoption of outsourcing in all its forms, including on-demand resource provision, remains limited in Russia despite its advantages.
The traditional request-for-proposal (RFP) process may be doing your IT outsourcing relationships a disservice. Enter request for solutions (or RFS), an open-ended, collaborative approach that's better for IT environments.
Outsourcing is the lifeblood of IT. The prevailing theory is that outsourcing saves companies money and enables them to engage a broader pool of IT skills and talent than they could in-house.
Indian technology firms may be forced to rework their business plans and sales strategies for the Eurozone. IT outsourcing demand from Europe is already dropping dramatically and industry analysts believe the debt crisis would spread across the region, and even impact the UK.
How the Philippines beat India in call centres
Poor IT skills could stall Europe's economic recovery, according to figures released by the European Union on Monday.
The eurozone crisis continues unabated, but Microsoft’s international president Jean-Philippe Courtois think he has the answer in cloud computing.
HCM City and Hanoi have held their rankings among the top 100 Information Technology (IT) outsourcing cities of the world last year, says international market researcher Tholons.
If CIOs want to get the most from IT outsourcing deals, they need to treat negotiation as an organizational business process--with training, tools, and processes--rather than an IT purchasing arrangement.
Report on 100 cities with the most software outsourcing attractiveness in the world announced recently by Tholons consulting firm, Vietnam’s HCM City ranks at the 17th position and Hanoi at 21st place.
For most technology executives, the question of outsourcing is not whether projects will be outsourced, but which projects will be outsourced.
Today's savvy IT leaders go into outsourcing decisions thinking about the business value of a potential deal--from scope to service levels to price
One of the most effective ways that your business can reduce costs is to get involved in outsourcing in the global economy. By utilizing outsourcing solutions, you can still provide your customers with the products and services that they need while cutting overhead for your business.
When you get your bill from your vendor, how can you be sure that you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for? Here’s how CFOs can make sure that they’re sure.
The global sourcing industry has changed fundamentally, driven by global megatrends of demographics, economics, rapidly changing technological infrastructure, connected consumers and rise of emerging economies.
Most people have maintained that offshoring is going to decline and that it has seen the best of its days in the past. However, there are many studies and researches that indicate that the contrary is actually true.