26 December 2012

Online Strategy Overview

Online strategy
Adjusted from: webstrategyworkshop.com
The components of your web strategy - also called online strategy or digital strategy - are Technology, Community, Online Marketing, Content Strategy and Analytics.


The base of your online strategy. Includes the physical infrastructure, software, platforms, frameworks and tools you use to maintain your online presence. Do not waste your time when you do not have to; use automated tools as much as you can. Remember: you build your business NOT a website.

Content Strategy

Contents strategy components
Adjusted from: braintraffic.com
Content strategy revolves around  the Business Objectives you have set for your business in your online strategy. Good quality Content is necessary to reach those objectives. The glue that holds together your content is a framework. The Framework can include Information Architecture (IA), User Experience (UX) but also determines how content is tagged, indexed, categorised and accessed.

Workflow explains how (and by who) content is managed and maintained as well  as describes the tools to be used. Governance describes the standards, guidelines, corporate policies and best practices used to create and maintain content. It also gives advice on how the content strategy will be sustained and improved.

Stakeholders or Community

Everybody who is involved, related to or included into your online strategy or rather into your online space. Visitors, fans, followers, friends, colleagues... Without them the value of your online presence is ZERO. You communicate with them, listen to them and you add value for their benefits.

Online marketing

All and every facet of how you promote your products and services online and how reach your online target group.

Analytics or Metrics

You have set your goals in your online strategy. It is now time to support those goals with figures and build trends. Based on your metrics program you can adjust every aspect of your online strategy and you can make educated decision.


For me the most important conclusion is that building an online strategy is not all that different from building your marketing strategy after all. As a matter of fact your online strategy is an integral part of your go-to-market plan, your export marketing plan or whatever you call the strategic plan of reaching your potential clients on foreign markets. That is what we talk about after all - promoting and selling your offshore IT services in Europe, isn't that?