14 January 2013

Online marketing - declared important

While many small-, and medium sized IT services providers (in emerging markets) declare that online marketing is a preference for them, they often have limited knowledge and even less resources - not to mention time - to plan, build and carry out properly an online marketing strategy.
Export marketing, in general, often remains a point in time activity with no continuity and little control.

On the other hand traditional marketing is often considered outdated, expensive, inefficient or even useless therefore largely abandoned. The end result = limited outreach to new clients and prospects.

A few things to consider:

First: Offshore IT outsourcing is a TRUST business. Therefore not to count out traditional marketing but rather combine and balance online-, and traditional marketing channels/activities in order to establish continuity in marketing as well as to create opportunities to meet your potential clients, prospects and contacts in person. And yes, your potential European clients value face-to-face meetings because first and foremost they value TRUST. Today everything is linked with everything else. In the digital world we live today there is no clear boundary between digital and traditional marketing channels. It is virtually impossible not to include in traditional marketing references to your digital marketing footprint.

Second: online marketing, while considered cheaper than traditional marketing, needs considerable investment of your time.

Third: it does not matter if online and/or traditional marketing - FOCUS!


Fifth: if nothing else, get informed:

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