27 February 2013

Outsourcing News Alert for January - February, 2013

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Trends Likely to Impact Global Sourcing in 2013
A combination of trends within technological, operational, and marketing environments will impact the way; global sourcing decisions are taken to gain competitive advantage. Avasant’s thought leadership believes the following trends will have a significant impact on shaping the global sourcing market in 2013.
Roundup of Cloud Computing & Enterprise Software Market Estimates and Forecasts, 2013
When the CEO of a rust-belt manufacturer speaks of cloud computing as critical to his company’s business strategies for competing globally, it’s clear a fundamental shift is underway.

PaaS And IaaS: Rising Champions Of Cloud Computing
In the cloud conversation, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) appear much less than the famed Software as a Service (SaaS). This is not surprising when you consider that a world already populated with built platforms and infrastructure has but to operate on them.
IT Offshoring Still Works, If You're Careful
Three CIOs say that the benefits of offshore outsourcing still resonate—if you learn from previous missteps and manage the risk.
The Cloud Success Trap
You may find yourself with a beautiful cloud ecosystem. You may think you no longer need an IT department. Think again, very carefully.
7 Great Unsolved Mysteries of Cloud Computing
There has been no shortage of assumptions made and confusion about cloud computing, along with boatloads of conventional wisdom. But the rise of cloud brings with it some so far unanswerable questions.
European public sector failing to embrace cloud computing
New research reveals a worrying picture of a European public sector equipped with the latest technologies but unable to effectively use them, writes IT expert
Will IT Outsourcing Reverse?
With all the hype about the cloud and other IT outsourcing, GM’s about-face last year in regard to its IT strategy raises questions about whether the hype has taken the industry too far in one direction. Is “insourcing” the new wave, or are GM and recent declines in outsourcing growth simply bumps in the road?
What's happening at Cloud Expo Europe
Cloud Expo Europe is a free two-day event located in London. It attracts a variety of visitors, but I reckon most of the visitors are IT professionals sent from enterprises. This conference is ideal for decision makers - business managers and enterprise chiefs. It’s heavy on the big picture and light on the nuts and bolts.
Cloud computing survey 2012 - Results
When asked where cloud computing will add value to their organisation and IT operations the respondents believe the following areas is where value could be added: Reduced costs 40%, Simplified IT 32.63%, Ability to move IT operations outside their business 34.74%
Outsourcing to surge in 2013
Love it or hate it, outsourcing is here to stay as a standard business practice.
State of Cloud Computing: SaaS
If your business has stayed informed on the trends of cloud computing, there is no doubt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has come to mind. Software has traditionally provided significant overhead for IT, from deployment to support.
Decline in IT Outsourcing Market Challenges Service Providers
With the overall IT services market on the decline, providers may look to emerging markets and emerging technology offerings for growth.
Why application development is better in the cloud
Faster development is just one advantage for a technology that should be front and center in your cloud strategy.
Legal problems to avoid in outsourcing company business
Even in tough economic times, the outsourcing of business services continues to be a booming industry.
BPO up, IT outsourcing down as Europe looks beyond cost cutting
The value of IT outsourcing (ITO) contracts signed in Europe last year was the lowest for five years, while the value of business process outsourcing (BPO) deals rose by 35% compared with 2011, according to market research by TPI.
Eastern European outsourcing faces challenge from India's services upstarts - and itself
Eastern Europe, and Poland in particular, is maintaining its importance in the realm of outsourcing despite the rising prominence of India's second-tier cities.
Beware: 7 Sins of Cloud Computing
Why seven? Why not?! While none of these problem areas align with the so-called deadly sins, the reality is that each represents a real challenge that can arise in many organizations, whether enterprises or SMBs, when it comes to implementing and maintaining a cloud architecture.
Balancing Risk and Reward With Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has caught on with companies of every size, but it's especially appealing to resource-strapped small businesses and start-ups. The attraction is obvious — it typically requires no capital expenditures and no team of in-house IT experts, and you pay for only what you consume.
Balancing Risk and Reward With Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has caught on with companies of every size, but it's especially appealing to resource-strapped small businesses and start-ups. The attraction is obvious — it typically requires no capital expenditures and no team of in-house IT experts, and you pay for only what you consume.
Balancing Risk and Reward With Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has caught on with companies of every size, but it's especially appealing to resource-strapped small businesses and start-ups. The attraction is obvious — it typically requires no capital expenditures and no team of in-house IT experts, and you pay for only what you consume.
New EU Commission strategy on cloud computing
Cloud computing will be a “hot” regulatory issue in Europe for 2013 and its impact on businesses will increase in the future.
Top 4 myths of cloud computing
Are you thinking about the cloud for your IT? How about just for your e-mails or files? Are you considering putting your entire network in the cloud?
9 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Cloud Computing Contract
What’s negotiable, what’s not in a cloud computing arrangement? Cloud computing may be highly virtualized and digitized, but it is still based on a relationship between two parties consisting of human beings. And since it is still the new kid on the block, both providers and users are still trying to get their footing — and best advantage — in this evolving type of relationship.
Is Cloud Computing A Threat To Older Tech Companies? Part 2
Is Cloud Computing A Threat To Older Tech Companies?
The financial services sector IT in 2013
Financial services companies are probably the biggest consumers of IT outsourcing. Suppliers salivate when discussing their customers in the sector. The customers are less willing to talk about their outsourcing.
Predictions for European IT outsourcing in 2013
Europe’s economic problems cast a long shadow as the credit crunch and Euro crisis leave businesses in the UK and continental Europe with a lot of challenges, but what will this mean to the IT outsourcing sector in the continent?
Cloud computing: Myths and realities
While quantifying cost savings is relatively easy for SaaS but becomes increasingly more difficult when it comes to PaaS and IaaS.
7 deadly sins of cloud computing
Increasing your use of cloud computing? Great! Making these common security mistakes? Not great!
Outsourcing and Offshoring 2013 Part 1: The supply side perspective
The acceleration of innovation is driving an IT skills shortage and reshuffling the outsourcing and offshoring landscape. In this context, well managed outsourcing - including to countries such as India - will likely be a key part of the IT strategy of most large organizations in the coming years.
Microsoft, Oracle, SAP: Demystifying cloud vendors
Cutting through the hype of cloud vendors starts by evaluating how ready their cloud services, enabling technologies and professional services are to serve customers today.
9 top threats to cloud computing security
Data breaches and cloud service abuse rank among the greatest cloud security threats, according to Cloud Security Alliance - See more at: http://www.infoworld.com/t/cloud-security/9-top-threats-cloud-computing-security-213428#sthash.9GCVUXqG.dpuf
Outsourcing and Offshoring 2013 Part 2: The demand side perspective
The acceleration of innovation is driving an IT skills shortage and reshuffling the outsourcing and offshoring landscape. In the second note of this two part series, Daniel LeBourhis discusses the demand side perspective and in particular the need for renewed outsourcing management strategies.
Does Cloud Computing Reduce IT Costs?
The reason there's so much hype around cloud computing is the promise that it will reduce infrastructure costs while providing compute and storage capacity on demand. But, of course, moving to cloud computing doesn't necessarily guarantee cost savings.
Whitepaper: Cloud Computing for CIOs
As new and transformative technologies continue to hit the market at an ever-increasing pace, CIOs are faced with a substantial opportunity. No longer purely the domain of the IT group, technologies such as cloud computing have caught the attention of decision makers across the business.
5 Signs of a Bad Outsourcing Company
When it comes to streamlining operations, reducing overhead, and increasing overall efficiency and productivity, outsourcing offers companies those benefits and more.
IT Outsourcing Customers Get What They Pay for, Not What They Want
A survey of both IT services buyers and IT services providers reveals that while outsourcers deliver cost reduction and increased efficiency, they may lack innovation and analytical capabilities.
Cloud Continues to Move Into the Mainstream
Royal Dutch Shell plc, the largest company in the world by revenue, could afford to build all the data centers that it desires. But like many other major corporations, it has enthusiastically embraced cloud computing, which has been introduced at multiple layers of its information technology, from routine applications to the very core of the energy giant’s global IT infrastructure.
Cloud computing: Fact or fiction?
Going to the Cloud? Time to Make Security and Policy Decisions
With cloud computing taking off at a very fast pace — some administrators are scrambling to jump into the technology. Unfortunately, many organizations are purchasing the right gear, deploying the right technologies, but still forgetting the policy creation process.
18 secrets of successful outsourcing
Academics identify 18 success factors for outsourcing contracts, based on Eli Lilly facilities management case study
Is Cloud Computing a Threat to Older Tech Companies?
In 2012, the Informational Data Corporation (IDC) made some pretty bold predictions regarding the development of a new high-tech industry in the convergence of social networking, -- cloud-based computing and data storage.
Cloud Computing: Is the ROI Worth It?
A new survey shows that business executives are questioning whether the advantages of cloud computing outweigh the uncertainties it brings.
The lawyer, the supplier and the consultant on outsourcing security
A global testing programme that revealed 63% of security breaches are linked to services provided by third parties should serve as a warning to businesses that security must be prioritised when outsourcing.
How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Cloud Computing
We all know the conventional wisdom about cloud computing: it's cheap, fast and easy. But is it really that much cheaper? Or is it simply optics that make it appear cheaper?
Is outsourcing risking security breaches?
According to a global security study carried out by Trustwave 63% of data beaches are linked to outsourced IT system support.
Outsourcing Sri Lanka: Visibility vital in international market
International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) global ambassador, Bobby Varnasi said that Sri Lankan outsourcing companies are not visible in international markets and companies should be visible from the buyers point of view rather than be dependent on independent assessments.
3 Deep, Dark Secrets of Cloud Computing
Everybody uses the cloud. How can there be any secrets? Many companies had to learn these three little lessons the hard way, but there's no reason your business can't learn from those mistakes.
Cloud computing 2.0: Where next for business?
This IT Pro report shows how to maximise the business value of cloud.
Outsourcing demand set to boost Indian offshoring industry
But customers increasingly keen suppliers are located close to their operations in key European and UK markets.
How Cloud Computing is Changing the IT Industry
When we think of the cloud's impact on the corporate world, it is easy to get caught up in how it has changed the way we do business on a global level, how we can connect using a multitude of devices, or even how it has given small businesses access to better technology.
5 Cloud Computing Advantages For The Healthcare Industry
Cloud computing technologies are on the rise in the healthcare industry. Although their adoption is held back by regulatory initiatives and security concerns, the cloud computing market in healthcare is expected to grow to $5.4 billion by 2017.
How Cloud Computing Is Driven by Mobile, Media and Marketing
The crucial fact is that those who defend enterprise computing fail to grasp the fact that legacy IT infrastructure and operations don't address the requirements of new application types that I label the "three M's"-mobile, media and marketing.
Software Outsourcing To Colombia
To those in the know, Colombia is truly Latin America’s diamond in the rough.
Are IT captives back in vogue and will they threaten Indian offshore dominance?
Captives go back a long time. Big businesses have been setting up operations to carry out business processes in low cost regions since the 1980s.
Moving to cloud computing is harder, costlier than originally envisioned
KPMG International study finds problems with vendor 'hype' that make cloud adoption sound easy.
As cloud use grows, so will rate of DDoS attacks
Cloud providers face increasing number of DDoS attacks, as private data centers already deal with today.
IT Outsourcing: Making Contracts Last
A lot of BPO companies, especially those that provide IT outsourcing services, deal with more contracts today than before.
The cloud is coming to your business, like it or not
Survey: Significant adoption often had nothing to do with IT, suggesting many businesses have pulled ahead of their CIOs
Why crowdsourcing should become part of a company's DNA
Dismissing crowdsourcing as another marketing fad fails to see how communities are driving new sustainable business ideas and finding investment and incubation support.
The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing
Is tapping into the wisdom of crowds right for your organization?
6 Hot Offshore IT Outsourcing Markets Offer New Options
Typically, when you think offshore IT outsourcing you think, India. However, many emerging countries are getting aggressive offering a variety of perks in order to win new IT outsourcing business. Here are six IT and business process outsourcing destinations worth a look in 2013.
Asia-Pacific lucrative for IT outsourcing
The Asia-Pacific region is emerging as a lucrative market for outsourcing contracts. In 2012, the region recorded annual contract value (ACV) of $3.1 billion, a 55 per cent rise on the previous year, said the Asia-Pacific TPI Index.